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Our History

A History of Innovation

The development of Mark 7® began in Boston, Massachusetts. Competitive shooters require a large amount of ammunition to maintain their rankings, and that can be a time-consuming project if it all needs to be made by hand. To conteract the prospect of pulling a handle thousands of times to make such large quantities of ammunition, the all digital, patented Autodrive was born.

A Timeline of Milestones

2014 The prototype digital Autodrive for the Dillon Super 1050 was showcased at the 2014 World Shoot. At that time there were no solutions in the marketplace of this type and it was clear that this product was a hit. Shooters at the competition provided important feedbck on the product.

2015 The Autodrive was displayed at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January and continued to gain momentum. Expansion of the feature set of the Autodrive product continued and shipments to customers commenced that summer. To the delight of customers the product had an integrated digital clutch and was controlled by a computer tablet –the first motor controlled by a tablet with the unique Software Development Kit developed by Mark 7®.

2016 Sensors began to be expanded first, with an early alert primer system PrimerSense®, and then continuing with the decapping sensor, DecapSense®. As digital sensing technology was the key to safety, the market looked for more sensors and thus was born the swage sensor SwageSense® as well as the bullet topple sensor BulletSense®. Torquesense® was introduced and the press line was extended to include the Dillon 650 line of Autodrives. The 1050 line of Autodrives was expanded to include the1050 X. But rumblings in the marketplace were being heard –can Mark 7® actually design and release a loading press ? 

2017 A new, all digital loading press was displayed at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas that had integrated sensing technology along with a press that was developed for Automation and included the first-ever Onboard Primer Collator. That press was displayed at the 2017 World Shoot in Chatereaux, France and with it’s 10 station design it was clear from the market feedback that Mark 7® had another winner on its hands. In fact 16 of the 25 winners of the 2017 World Shoot already made their ammunition on Mark 7® products. Engineering and production ramped-up and the Revolution® loading press began shipping in late 2017 to customer accolades.  Mark 7® moved into a 12,000+ square foot facility and looked to develop in-house parts manufacturing capabilities.

2018 With the Revolution® gaining traction in the marketplace a new press was announced at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas – an ambidextrous, hand-operated loading press based upon the Revolution® design. So many orders poured in for this press that Mark 7® needed to temporarily stop taking new orders to allow for the ramp-up of a production facility to support the new press line. Expansion of the press feature set included an automated version of this hand-press as well as updates to the software controls and tablet, availability of a remote stop button, and the initiation of Mark 7® Professional Services. Showroom assembly and pick-up became popular and Mark 7® partnered with customers to help them grow their capabilities in the loading space.  Mark 7® expanded its distribution with partners in Europe, Australia, and South Africa. Mark 7® became the official loading press of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA).

2019 By its 6th year of operation, Mark 7® had a full line of loading presses ranging from hand-operation to light commercial operation. Each of these presses can be configured to exactly what the customer needs. After a fortuitous meeting at SHOT Show in January, Mark 7 was purchased in June, by Lyman Products, a leader in the reloading industry for more that 140 years.

2020 and beyond: The combination of Mark 7's innovation and Lyman Products' in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilites will no doubt produce new chapters to this story, and new and exciting advancements in the world of reloading. Stay tuned!