Okay, we heard you loud and clear! Based on customer feedback, we have decided to extend our Summer Equipment Specials plan for one more month, giving you the opportunity to expand your collection of Mark 7 equipment at great savings.  These are complete packages for new Pistol and Rifle Revolution reloading platforms.  All include deep discounts on the equipment as well as a free training session at our Mark 7 Academy in Fort Myers (a $500 value).  All systems also come complete with a full set of digital sensors, stainless steel Pro Die Package, and a machine cover.  Our Revolution Rifle system includes our new Power Trim Xpress package for fast and accurate case trimming.  For the first time ever, we are also providing a two-payment option for those accounts with approved credit.  The first payment is made at the time of order and the second can be made up to 90 days after shipment.

We encourage you to take advantage of these summer specials.  They’re available through August 31st and then all products return to original pricing.

International customers, we are sorry, but because the Revolution cannot be sold internationally, this promo is available to US customers only, but we have some special deals for you in the works, check back soon!

For more information on these special deals and how to qualify for the 2-payment option,

Please contact our Commercial Sales Team at (1-888-462-7577, option 1).

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