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Mark 7 professional shooting team

The Mark 7® Shooting Team is an ambassadorship to the Mark 7® Organization. Each member has the highest integrity in the sport and knowledge about Mark 7® products. Please feel free to stop them and say “Hi” at a competition or email them with any questions.

  • Currently ranked #11 in the world
    •2016 Open Nationals Champion
    • Grandmaster
  • Current USA World Gold Team
    •Currently ranked #15 in the world
  • Nationals 5-time top 16 placement
    • Area 4 High overall winner
    • Grandmaster
  • 5-time USA Gold Team World Champion
    • Currently #12 in the world
    • Grandmaster
  • Currently ranked #16 in the woria
    • IDPA Florida State Champion
    •Grand master
  • Current Revolver IPSC World Champion
    • 2017 USPSA Revolver Champion
    • Grandmaster
  • Gianni Giordano
    2017 Iron Sight National Junior Champion
    • Area 1 High Limited Junior
    • Area 2 Limited Division top 20
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