Mark 7® Ultimate Die Pack

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Whether you are a professional commercial loader or a high-volume shooter/reloader, our Ultimate Die Packs give you the best tools available to produce top quality ammo. All the dies are designed specifically for automated equipment and to provide flawless reliability and function.

The Ultimate Die Packs contain 6 dies:

  • Universal Decapping Die*
  • Universal Hold Down Die*
  • Carbide Sizing Die
  • Neck Expansion Die
  • Micrometer Seating Die
  • Micrometer Taper Crimp Die

*Pistol die sets contain the Lyman Pro Decapping and Hold-Down dies. Rifle sets contain FW Arms™ patented auto-centering Decapping and Hold-Down dies. The auto-centering technology accurately and smoothly centers the case every time.

Our sizing dies are equipped with highly polished carbide rings for the ultimate in wear resistance and reduced sizing force. In addition, the sizing dies are equipped with a spring-loaded decapping rod system to ensure that the primer is forcefully ejected from the primer pocket.

Our rifles sets get our famous M die neck expander, with its famous two step expander plug for just the right amount of neck tension and case mouth flare. The pistol sets include our flare die which are designed to allow bullets to properly sit on the case mouth prior to seating.

Next is our Micrometer Seating die. This seating die has a micrometer adjustable seating head for precision bullet seating length. Its floating bullet seating punch centers the bullet on the case and eliminates excessive run-out.

Finally, each set is equipped with a Micrometer Taper Crimp die to fully remove any case mouth flare and to provide improve bullet retention.

Made in USA Shield

The Ultimate Die Pack contains 6 dies:

  • Universal Decapping Die*
  • Universal Hold Down*
  • Carbide Sizing Die
  • Expansion Die
  • Micrometer Seating Die
  • Micrometer Crimping Die

    * Pistol Die sets contain Lyman® Pro Decapping and Hold down dies; Rifle Die sets contain FW Arms™ Decapping and Hold downs which use auto-centering technology.

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