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Waiting for an affordable commercial loading machine with enough power and speed to achieve your business goals? It's here! Based upon the Mark 7® proven digital drive mechanism technology the The Mark 7® Evolution™ Commercial is a machine unlike any other in the market -- a completely integrated, new loading press of our own design that is powered digitally and automatically.

3,500 Rounds Per Hour

Compatible with Mark 7® Autodrive & Accesories

Onboard Primer Collator for Continuous Feed Operation

Microprocessor Monitored & Controlled

Works on New and Re-Manufactured Brass

Smooth & Precise Gear-Based Movement & Shell Plate Indexing

Top of the line automated ammunition loading platform for Customers

Looking for a top quality, commercial grade loading machine at an affordable price? The Evolution™ Commercial press is the one for you! Whether you are loading tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition or processing brass for resale, the ten station Evolution™ Commercial press has you covered.

Its compact design takes up a minimal amount of shop space yet produces quality ammunition rivaling machines costing many times as much. The press features a completely integrated press and drive mechanism that is fully automated with digital and computer control. Our full array of integrated sensors warns you of any potential problems before they can cause damage to the machine and costly downtime.

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Mark 7® Sensors are truely the "Magic in the Machine." 

Our famous Mark 7® Sensors allow for precise press performance.  When you add a sensor to your order, it will be installed onto your Evolution™ Commercial press and ready upon arrival.

Must Have


The official Mark 7® Accessories built for your Evolution™ Commercial Press

Standard Features

  • Completely integrated reloading press and drive mechanism - fully automated, digital, and computer controlled

  • Hardened alloy steel and anodized aluminum construction

  • Onboard primer collator

  • Ultra smooth and precise, gear-based machine movement and shell plate indexing

  • Mark 7® sensors can be easily integrated

  • Up-to 3500 rounds per hour

  • 10 station toolhead utilizing off-the-shelf reloading dies

  • Microprocessor monitored and controlled

  • Features monitored by computer

  • System works on new AND remanufactured brass

  • Downloadable machine firmware and software upgrades for life

  • Supports a variety of accessories including today’s off-the-shelf reloading dies

  • Pre-assembled and shipped ready-to-use

  • CNC grade planetary gearbox

  • Full 1 year warranty

    Standard Equipment

    • 14” Case Feeder
    • Bullet Feeder Pro
    • Digital Powder Measure
    • Onboard Collated Priming
    • Ultra smooth, precise, gear-based machine movement and shell plate indexing
    • Supports one-pass rifle/pistol processing and loading
    • Works on new AND used brass
    • Precision CNC machined aluminum and steel
    • Compatible with Mark 7® sensors and accessories
    • Fully supported Mark 7® community and technical help included

    PLEASE NOTE: Dies are not included with the Evolution™ Commercial Package and must be purchased separately.

    Available Calibers

    9mm/.38 Super (#101-1193-01)
    40 S&W (#101-1193-02)
    38 Special /.357 Mag (#101-1193-03)
    45 ACP (Large Primer) (#101-1193-04)
    223 Remington (#101-1193-05)
    308 Winchester (#101-1193-06)
    38 Super Comp (#101-1193-07)
    380 ACP (#101-1193-08)
    10mm (#101-1193-09)
    45 ACP (Small Primer) (#101-1193-10)
    44 Magnum /.45 Long Colt (#101-1193-11)
    300 AAC (#101-1193-12)
    6.5 Creedmoor (#101-1193-13)

    Custom Configurations Available!

    Our sales department would be happy to discuss configuration options with you at the number or email address below.


    More Information
    Number of Die Stations10
    Caliber Range380 Auto to 308 win
    Rounds per Hour3,500
    Drive Systemauto
    Priming Systemstandard stacked priming
    Type of Case Feeder11" case feeder
    Type of Powder Measuremechanical powder measure
    Digitally Controlledyes
    Machine Weight200 lbs
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    Considering a Mark 7®?  We are always ready to help!  We are experts in everything from financing your press, selecting the best press for your needs, and the necessary equipment to get the most from it. 


    Our Support Options

    We are proud of our hallmark multichannel customer service and support operation. Please help us keep costs (and prices) as low as possible by selecting the option below that most closely meets your needs.  If it is important for you to call us please do so at 1-888-4-MARK-77 (1-888-462-7577).  The Customer Service Call Center is available between the hours of 9:00am and 4:30pm Eastern Time but please consider the available options below:

    • Tool head size: The Dillon presses have 5 where the Evolution™ has 10.
    • The Evolution™ has CNC and Billet construction.
    • The Evolution™ is easier to automate and works better when automated: Dillon presses were not made to be automated.
    • The Evolution™ offers more sensor options if you choose to automate.

    Yes, when used with an Evolution™ Autodrive.

    The ease and time required to change calibers depends on both your primer size and level of experience.  Small calibers can take as little as 30 minutes or less with all necessary accessories. Small to large caliber or large to small caliber changes could take up to an hour depending on the number of pieces changed.

    No special tools are needed, but a good Allen wrench set is recommended. It will take about an 1 hour to 90 minutes to get the press set up* meaning the press is physically set up but not ready to load on: that will take another 1 to 2 hours. The necessary step are:

    1. Install the sensors
    2. Set up and adjust the bullet feeder and case feeder
    3. Set dies
    4. Set the sensors
    5. Set powder measure charge, etc...

    In all, you should expect to spend approximately 90 minutes to set up a manual press, or approximately 3 or more hours for an automated press with sensors.

    Yes, provided that they are standard thread dies.

    Very easy: Simply install your Evolution™ Autodrive which typically requires 30 - 45 minutes on average.

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