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650 PRO Autodrive

650 PRO Autodrive
650 PRO Autodrive 650 PRO Autodrive 650 PRO Autodrive 650 PRO Autodrive 650 PRO Autodrive 650 PRO Autodrive 650 PRO Autodrive 650 PRO Autodrive 650 PRO Autodrive 650 PRO Autodrive
650 PRO Autodrive


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Differentiating Features

  • Includes the Mark 7 Optical Decapping Sensor - a $200 value 


  • 4 user selectable speeds from 900 to 1,800 rounds per hour

  • Includes pre-loaded 10" High Resolution computer tablet - no control boxes!

  • Includes Heavy duty Tablet holder

  • Completely compatible with Mr. Bulletfeeder and GSI bulletfeeders

  • Broad caliber capacity - able to load a wider array of calibers including larger rifle calibers

  • Small footprint

  • Digital clutch - adjustable on-the-fly from 0 to 20

  • Digital primer depth setting - no more guessing !

  • Digital jog and immediate stop

  • Microprocessor monitored and controlled

  • Features monitored by computer

  • Downloadable software upgrades for life

  • Supports a variety of accessories

  • User-configurable Dwell time at the top of the stroke 

  • Easy Installation

  • Pre-assembled and shipped ready to use

  • CNC grade planetary gearbox

  • Full warranty

  • High torque motor - same available torque to machine as the 1050 X Autodrive

  • Fully Supports International Voltage - this unit operates at 110/220v and at 50/60 Hz with no appreciable variation in speed or performance (Please select voltage at Check Out)

Dimensions and Capacity

  • Overall machine dimensions are 49" tall (124.4 cm) X 14" (35.5cm) wide x 12" (30.5cm) deep 

  • True operational height: earlier machines 52.5", later machines 48.5"

  • Quite operation approximately at 75-80 dB including case and bullet feeder

650 Autodrive Specifics

  • CNC billet heavy-duty crank

  • High torque output

  • Mounted on heavy-duty baseplate

  • In-line direct-drive operation helps ensure equal amounts of pressure applied to the 650 ram / operation

  • Does not include the Dillon Precision XL650 reloading press

  • Completely compatible with the leading bullet feeders on the market

Special Note

  • If you have an older 650 press please determine which platform assembly you have.  If you have the older platform assembly please upgrade your unit to the more recent version ($94) which is Dillon Part # 22060.

*Loading press, bulletfeeder, sensors, and other accessories in picture above sold separately*



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Additional Information

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