General Operation


Operation Overview Mark 7® 1050  Autodrive

Digital Clutch Use and Recommended Settings

Clearing a Jam

Adjusting shell plate indexing to minimize bullet topple and powder spill

Mark 7® 1050 Autodrive and Dillon 1050 Super Maintenance Intervals

Mark 7® 1050 Autodrive Console Inputs 

Changing Calibers on 1050

Brass Processing and Loading Tool Head Configurations

220V Systems: Adjusting DC voltage bias for low voltages Countries
Mr. Bullet Feeder Video Tutorials

Sensors & Accessories

Mark7® BulletSense- Installation Instructions
Mark7® SwageSense - Installation Instructions
Mark7® Optical Decapping Sensor - Instructions and Cleaning
Mark 7® 1050 Shield Installation and Setup
Mark 7®  PrimerSense - Adjustments
Mark 7®  PowderSense on a 1050





1050 Autodrive Motor Noise

Belt Tension and Alignment

Software/Firmware Update Errors

Calibration Errors

Tablet Errors

No Accept and Deny at Wavier Screen

USB Disconnected - error Message 

Can not open USB - error Message