Dillon RL/Super 1050, RL 1100, CP 2000 Autodrive

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Tired of pulling on the handle of your press over and over and over? The Mark 7 Autodrive will fully automate your Dillon RL/Super 1050, CP 2000 and RL 1100 manual presses for speed, efficiency and performance. The Autodrive is packed with features that make it the most advanced system ever designed. The patented digital drive system is computer operated allowing you to fully control the speed, torque, and dwell of the press with a simple to use high definition tablet.

Now supports the Dillon CP 2000 and RL 1100 as well as the Dillon 1050 Line of Presses!

Compatible accessories available by selecting the boxes below

Compatible with Dillon Loading Presses

Up to 3,500 rounds per hour

10" Full Color HD Tablet

JamSense/TorqueSense Adjustable Digital Clutch Technology Included

Digital Jog and Immediate Stop

Microprocessor monitored & controlled

High Torque Motor with Super Smooth Belt-Driven Operation

1 Year Full Warranty


The combination of our patented digital sensor technology, torque sensing motor and jam sense technology ensures a safe and trouble free loading experience. If top of the line technology, innovative features and high quality are what you are looking for, Mark 7® is the only choice.

This is a true “plug and play” system that makes it easy to mount and set-up on your press. The included TorqueSense™ and JamSense™ sensors protect the press and system if anything gets out of place. The Autodrive™ controller can also accept additional sensor options for the ultimate level of protection. Autodrives™ come with their own rugged base and a drilled and tapped press mounting plate. The high torque motor and precision machined components combine for super smooth operation.

Watch the 1050 PRO in Action

Smooth and precise, easy to use, and exactly what you are looking for. In short: it is awesome.

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Mark 7® Sensors are truely the "Magic in the Machine." 

Our famous Mark 7® Sensors allow for precise press performance and made to work with your new Autodrive™.  



BulletSense® is the first electronic detection system that can stop your machine before any problems occur which would impact your loading process.

1050 PRO Autodrive Unboxing and Installation

The 1050 PRO Autodrive™ is ready to install as soon as it arrives. 

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In addition to a reloading press, you may want to consider the following:

  • Case Feeder
  • Bullet Feeder
  • Dies
  • Sensors which will monitor the various functions that the press will perform

The Mark 7® Autodrives are not caliber specific: they will work with the calibers available for your press.

The autodrives use a belt to drive the crank and ram of the press. The Revolution® is direct drive meaning the motor shaft connects directly to the crank and ram to run the press.

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