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1050 Series Digital Sensors

Mark 7 Reloading LLC
MARK 7® Digital Sensors for the
1050 SERIES of Autodrives

Below is a list of our electronic sensors to enhance your reloading operation. To see all our accessories Click here


Automatic feeding mechanism provides constant flow of bullet heads. Order Now


Electronic connection to the dillon powder check which can stop the machine if the alarm is triggered.  Click Here


The digital bullet orientation sensor stops the machine instantly if a vertical bullet is not present.  Click Here


Proprietary digital sensing mechanism that stops the machine when the primer supply is low. Order Now


Included as a standard item on each machine is our patented digital clutch technology that is adjustable on-the-fly.


Increases jamSense sensitivity.

SWAGESense new

The first ever electronic sensor system that can stop the machine when unexpected primer pockets or obstructions are sensed. Order Now

Optical Decapping

Optical sensor that stops the machine and alerts you when a decapped primer is not present. Order Now

Wired Remote Stop Switch

Machine can stop instantly when the red button is pressed. Order Now

Safety Shield with Electronic Disconnect

Polycarbonate shield is a welcome addition to your system as it creates a barrier between the user and the machine. Order Now

Included with each machine are continual software updates to seamlessly stay current.