1050 Autodrive™ to Evolution™ Hardware Conversion kit

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If you are a Mark 7® customer with a 1050 Autodrive™, this conversion kit is for you. The kit contains everything you need to turn your current Autodrive™ 1050 into an Autodrive™ for your Evolution™. Once you get the Evolution™ press, you will be able to bolt it onto the base of your Autodrive™ and you will have the equivalent of an Evolution™ driven by the Autodrive™. This kit is compatible with all 1050 models; with the included software your converted Autodrive™ will operate an Evolution™ at 2500 RPH. If you would like to upgrade your Autodrive™ to 3500 RPH, we offer an upgrade service performed at our factory for $495.95. Contact us for details.
Included with the package are the following items:
  • Kevlar reinforced drive belt 
  • Evolution™ sprockets 
  • Sprocket to press attachment and hardware
  • Evolution™ software and firmware
  • Stencil template, drill and tap
The process involves laying the stencil on the base of your current Autodrive™. Carefully drill holes with the included drill bit as indicated in the stencil.  Then use the included tap to create the threads in the drilled holes.  Now you have holes that accommodate the base of the Evolution™ press - simply bolt the press to the base, connect the included hardware and you are ready to go! Available for your current 1050X/PRO Autodrive™.

Mark 7® Autodrive Sensor Compatibility Chart 
If you have a 1050 Autodrive Sensor......here is the Evolution™ Autodrive Compatibility......and here are the next steps...
Decapsense™Unfortunately not compatibleSend in your sensor and we will apply an $85.00 credit to your new one
SwageSense™Compatible BUT requires new rodsPurchase an 5 Part #201-1108-01 , 201-1034-03 (SM) 201-1034-04 (LG)
PrimerSense®included with Evolution™ Press 
Digital Powder CheckFully Compatible
BulletSense®Compatible BUT requires new bracketPurchase an updated bracket for $78.99. Please Click Here to purchase
Remote StopFully Compatible 

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