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Revolution/Evolution Sensors

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  1. Primer Orientation Sensor


    AVAILABLE NOW! While loading on a Mark 7® Evolution® or Revolution® you now have the ability to stop the machine if you have a primer that is missing or have other issues inserting a primer. Have you had the situation where you are loading at a pretty good pace only to find out that your supply contains non-conforming or missing primers? This can create havoc on your supply and loading operation–and in general–is a headache. Well, we have a solution !

    This sensor is only available for the Evolution® and Revolution® class of machines that have priming systems in them (not brass processors). Regardless if you're set-up in Stacked Priming or with the Onboard Primer Collator this sensor slides right into the cut-out near your primer punch.

    There are two specific functions of this sensor:

    1. Can stop your Evolution® or Revolution® in the event of a missing, upside down, cocked, or a primer that is too proud
    2. Can stop your machine if you have a jam and the machine does not index properly
          a. Both of these functions enable an alert on your tablet screen that the sensor has been activated

    How does it work? You set the level of the primer probe at the side of the sensor so that the indication level is custom to your needs. Cartridges slide across the probe and if they meet the level the you set, the machine will continue to operate and if not, the machine can stop. The indexing sensor component of this unit works independently and senses the shell plate rotation. The programming on the machine is designed to alert the user when the machine has made a stroke but the shell plate has not indexed, or rotated. This sensor helps increase the utility of your machines by streamlining the overall loading process.

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  2. Mark 7® PowderCheck


    The Mark 7® Digital PowderCheck® Sensor can automatically stops the machine if a grossly incorrect powder level is detected inside the case.

    Compatible with the following Mark 7® Loading Machines & Autodrives

    - Evolution® + Autodrive

    - Evolution

    - RL1100/CP2000/Super1050/1050X Autodrives

    - 650 Pro/650 X Autodrives

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  3. Replacement Spring Kit - Evolution & Revolution


    Kit contains QTY 5 of 301-1178 Shell plate springs 0.094" Dia, 0.018" Wire Dia, 302 SS cut to approximate length. Also contains QTY 2 1" sections of 201-1210 Case Retention Spring 0.125" OD, 0.02" Wire Dia.

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  4. Mark 7® Optimized Die Pack

    Thousands of customers have Mark 7® machines and their feedback is awesome ! They have told us that this configuration is optimal for our machines. We have assembled a die pack for for each of the calibers supported by our machines. They vary somewhat by caliber, particularly when you get into the more boutique rifle calibers. Dress up your loading machine with the preferred set of dies ! Learn More

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