The Evolution™

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New Product for 2018 !

Includes the Mr Bulletfeeder™  & case feeder 

This is an all-new, 10-stage consumer, manual reloading machine including these features:

  • Smooth hand operation that is ambidextrous - left or right side with the included ergonomic handle designed by medical device engineers
  • Priming system managed underneath the priming mechanism to reduce/eliminate primer feeding complications - fully engaged priming process with integrated springs
  • Totally new case feeding process managed by roller bearings and user replaceable springs
  • Supports our one-pass rifle processing and loading
  • Double sleeve supports for the tool head creates a stable operation
  • Gear-based overall operation
  • Speeds to 1,200 rounds per hour 


  • Overall machine dimensions are 37" tall (94cm) X 27" (68.6cm) wide x 18" (45.7cm) deep
  • Machine weight 65lbs (29.5kg)
  • Ships fully assembled on a sturdy aluminum base which is designed to be bolted into your workbench or placed on the Evolution™ PRO baseplate
  • Shipping box dimensions are: 26"x16"x32", 70 lbs

Included with the Machine

  • The Evolution™ Mr Bulletfeeder™ bullet feeding system
  • Casefeeder
  • The Evolution™ does not include dies, which can be ordered separately - dies added to your order can be installed at our factory
  • Rifle Caliber orders include the auxiliary guide rod pre-installed
  • The competition die set includes in most cases dies from Redding, Mighty Armory and a neck expansion die from Lyman
* Pictured with optional accessories

Get more information and see videos of the Evolution in action at the Mark 7® Digital Community.