The Mark 7® Revolution

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New Product & New Way of Thinking

Def. - "A dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operation." -- English Oxford Living Dictionary

Waiting for an affordable commercial loading machine with enough power and speed to achieve your business goals ?  It's here !  Based upon Mark 7's proven digital drive mechanism technology the The Mark 7® Revolution™ is a machine unlike any other in the market -- a completely integrated, new loading press of our own design that is powered digitally and automatically.  

Differentiating Features:

  • Completely integrated reloading press and drive mechanism - it's fully automated, digital, and computer controlled
  • Hard anodized and hard nickel plated components
  • New to the market onboard primer collator for continuous feed operation !
  • Integrated motorized powder measure that can be programmed for specific loads - accuracy is +/- .2 grains @ 12.2 grains (subject to testing conditions)
  • Ultra smooth and precise, gear-based machine movement and shell plate indexing
  • Integration of the sensors that has made Mark 7® Reloading™famous (see below)
  • Up-to 3,500 rounds per hour
  • 10 station toolhead utilizing off-the-shelf reloading dies
  • Microprocessor monitored and controlled
  • Features monitored by computer
  • System works on new AND remanufactured brass
  • Downloadable machine firmware and software upgrades for life
  • Supports a variety of accessories including today's off-the-shelf reloading dies
  • Pre-assembled and shipped ready-to-use
  • CNC grade planetary gearbox
  • Full 1 year warranty
  • Fully Supports International Voltage operating at 110/220v and 50/60 Hz with no variation in speed/performance

Dimensions, Capacity, Calibers Supported

  • Unit is quite compact compared to our existing Autodrives/press set-ups on the market 
  • Measurements: Width = 28", Depth = 15", Max Overall Height = 46"
  • Supports calibers including .380 up-to and including .30-.06 with initial support for 9 mm, .38, .40, .45, .223 and .308
What is Included with the Mark 7® Revolution

  • Unit ships with the following fully integrated sensors: JamSense, TorqueSense, Gen 2 PowderSense®, Gen 2 DecapSense® and SwageSense
  • Unit ships with on-board primer collator
  • Unit ships with case feeder
  • Unit ships with off loading system 
  • Priority Support (annual subscription)
What is NOT Included with the Mark 7® Revolution
More information is available on the Mark 7 Youtube channel at: 

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