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This package builder is the easiest way to get products from Mark 7®.  There is quite a bit of logic built into this system so please see these instructions to ensure you have a smooth experience.  There are 10 steps below and as you start from Step #1, different options will become available based upon the system you select:

  • Step 1 - Please select your Mark 7 Revolution® press type from the drop-down box - there are three (3) types - Brass Processing, Stacked Primer, Automatic Priming.
  • Step 2 - Please select a caliber for your loading press selection at the step above.
  • Step 3 - There are two types of case feeders offered with your Revolution® - the classic 11" black plastic feeder and our commercial-grade, metal large capacity feeder.
  • Step 4 - Here you can select from a mechanically operated powder measure or our digital programmable powder measure.
  • Step 5 - Please select the digital sensors you would like - please note that digital sensing is one of the best parts of our system and dramatically improves safety and efficiency.
  • Step 6 - You have an option to select a number of accessories to customize your loading set-up.
  • Step 7  - Choose your desired sensors (only available if Evolution Pro upgrade is selected in step 6)
  • International voltage needs to be selected for an order outside of the North American continent.
If you have any issues with this Package Builder please feel free to contact us at 1-888-4MARK77 (462-7577) or

Choose Options

Step 1 - Select Your Revolution® Press Type
Step 2 - Select Your Revolution® Caliber
Please Select Optimized Die Pack - Pistol
Please Select Optimized Die Pack - Rifle
Step 3 - Select Your Case Feeder
Step 4 - Select 9mm/38 Bullet Feeder, if desired
Step 4 - Select .40 S&W Bullet Feeder, if desired
Step 4 - Select .45 ACP Bullet Feeder, if desired
Step 4 - Select .223 Bullet Feeder, if desired
Step 4 - Select .300 Blackout Bullet Feeder, if desired
Step 4 - Select .308 Bullet Feeder, if desired
Step 4 - Select 6.5 Creedmore Bullet Feeder, if desired
Step 5 - Select Your Powder Measure
Step 6 - Select Your Digital Sensors
DecapSense® View Detail [+$199.95]
BulletSense® View Detail [+$349.95]
SwageSense® View Detail [+$259.95]
PowderSense® View Detail [+$249.95]
Primer Orientation Sensor™ View Detail [+$324.99]
Remote Stop Switch View Detail [+$38.95]
Step 7 - Accessories
Second Guide Pin (suggested for rifle calibers) [+$149.95]
Third Guide Pin (suggested for large rifle calibers) [+$174.95]
Mark 7® Offload System View Detail [+$99.95]
Trimmer Kit (Router, Cutter, Die Adapter, Shroud, Die) View Detail [+$334.00]
International Voltage Configuration
International Voltage Configuration - Outside the USA (Export License Filing Fee) [+$995.00]