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The Revolution’s modular press design speeds caliber conversion.  The basic steps are to remove the tool head retaining screw and lift the tool head off of the ram.  Then the shell plate nut is spun off, spring clamps removed and the shell plate is lifted off.  This allows easy access to swap out primer components if a primer size change is necessary.  Next the case feed finger is removed.  Simply reverse those steps, installing the required caliber case feed finger, primer components, shell plate and tool head and you’re good to go.  The entire operation will take 10 to 15 minutes.  If case feed or powder funnel conversion is required that would add about 5 minutes to the total caliber conversion time.


·       Shell plates for all common calibers from 380 to .30-06

·       Easy change tool heads

·       Drop-in small and large pistol and rifle case collator plates

·       Caliber specific case feed fingers

·       Small and large primer components