Programmable Powder Measure

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Only available for the Evolution PRO, the Mark 7® electronic powder measure incorporates a precision metering drum that’s enclosed in a CNC machined upper housing.  The drum is fully supported by a pair of sealed ball bearing braces and is actuated by a high torque servo motor through an encased timing belt.  The servo motor responds to commands from its microprocessor based control console and its movement is optimized to deliver consistent charges.  The powder measure body is supported by a lower housing and slides in a low friction bronze bushing.  Telescoping powder funnels for small and large rifle and pistol calibers are included with the powder measure.

·       Proven drum and metering cylinder design

·       Electronic double charge protection

·       Optimized for high speed operation

·       Works smoothly with all powder types including extruded stick powder

·       High capacity powder reservoir

·       Manual setup mode for quick charge adjustment

Under our testing conditions the accuracy of the measure is +/1 .2 grains @ 12.2 grains.  Available Summer 2018