Onboard Primer Collator

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How many times have you wished for a way to avoid the endless task of filling and refilling primer tubes and then having to dump them into your primer feed?  Now you can make that wish come true with the Onboard Primer Collator that is straight from the Evolution's big brother, the Revolution®

It works by using a small vibratory bowl feeder that causes primers to walk up a circular ramp within the bowl.  The primers then pass a knockdown (to eliminate sideways primers), then pass a series of 3 knockouts (to eliminate upside down primers) and finally they slide down a ramp.  The down ramp feeds a rotating primer disk that precisely positions primers for insertion into cases.  If a case in not present the “orphan” primer continues around with the disk and is re-inserted into the feed stream. 

·       Continuous feed primer collator

·       6-slot automatic primer feed disk for physical separation of primers from each other

·       Optical sensor driven primer flow control

·       Accepts optional primer orientation sensor - coming soon !

·       Easily refillable without any interruption in operation

·       Lexan safety shield covers

·       Easily convertible for small or large primers

·       Approximately 300 to 500 capacity

The entire system is easily accessible for maintenance and disconnects from the press entirely with just a few screws.

Shipping to begin Summer, 2018