Mark 7® PowderSense® Wiring Kit only

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The PowderSense® Digital Powder check sensor automatically stops the machine if an incorrect powder level is detected inside the case. You will then see a notification on the computer tablet to check the case powder level. A must-have for people that want full confidence that every round produced has the correct powder level.  
If you are using a Mr.Bulletfeeder use with a combo seating/crimping die. If you have a GSI bulletfeeder the PowderSense® can be used along with standard seating/crimping dies.  
You can either purchase a complete PowderSense® sensor directly from us.  Or if you already have a Dillon powder check sensor you can buy our wiring kit which includes instructions and everything necessary to wire the sensor, soldering equipment is required. If you purchase the complete unit from us it’s covered under the Mark 7® exclusive warranty.

The PowderSense® is available Complete or as a Wiring Kit only.

Note: The Wiring Kit only is for use with Dillon powder check sensors. Includes instructions and everything necessary to wire the sensor. Soldering equipment is required.