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*Package Builder has savings built-in so it can not be combined with our Veteran/Military Discount or Promotions

Evolution Ships to Consumers in May, 2018

This package builder is the best way to get products from Mark 7®.  There is quite a bit of logic built into this system so please see these instructions to ensure you have a smooth experience.  There are 10 steps below and as you start from Step #1, different options will become available based upon the system you select:

  • Step 1 - Please select your Mark 7® Evolution™ manual base loading press from the drop-down box (the manual press includes a case feeder and Mr. Bullet Feeder)
  • Step 2 - You have the option to select a caliber conversion kit for the option above.  You can leave the option displayed as "Step 2" if you do not want a caliber conversion kit 
  • Step 3 - You have the option to select a primer conversion kit for the option above.  You can leave the option displayed as "Step 3" if you do not want a caliber conversion kit
  • Step 4 - You can select a Trimmer Kit in this option if you are processing rifle brass
  • Step 5 - By selecting this option you will be getting an Evolution™ PRO upgrade and the options for digital sensors will become available
  • Step 6 - You can select your digital sensors from this list - SwageSense™is included with the Evolution™ PRO so it is not available as a sensor as its already included
If you have any issues with the remaining steps please feel free to call us anytime !
 Shipping begins in April, 2018 to dealer inventory then to consumer orders

Choose Options

Step 1- New Evolution™ Loading Press (including Mr Bulletfeeder™) - $2749.00
Step 2 - Select Evolution™ Caliber Conversion Kit - $349.99
Step 3 - Select Evolution™ Primer Conversion Kit - $69.95
Step 4 - Select Evolution™ Trimmer Package - $349 (save $15 when added)
Trimmer Kit (Router, Cutter, Die Adapter, Shroud, Die) View Detail [+$334.00]
Step 5 - Select Evolution™ PRO Upgrade PLUS SwageSense™ digital sensor - $2,619 (save $30 when added)
Evolution PRO Upgrade PLUS SwageSense™ digital sensor View Detail [+$2,589.00]
Step 6 - Select Digital Sensors (take $10 off for each sensor added)
DecapSense®, decapping sensor View Detail [+$189.95]
PrimerSense®, automatic primer sensor View Detail [+$144.99]
BulletSense®, automatic brass and bullet sensor View Detail [+$339.95]
PowderSense®, Digital Powder Check Sensor View Detail [+$249.95]
Step 7 - Select Evolution™ Programmable Powder Measure - $949 (save $20 when added)
Programmable Powder Measure View Detail [+$929.00]
Step 8 - Select Evolution™ - Onboard Primer Collator (available Summer 2018)
Onboard Primer Collator View Detail [+$929.00]
Step 9 - mark 7 Priority Support - $249.95 (save $10 when added)
Annual Subscription Priority Support per Serial Number View Detail [+$239.95]
Step 10 - Showroom Pickup and Training
Complete Assembly with Training View Detail [+$349.00]