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Includes Mr Bulletfeeder™ & case feeder!

This is an all-new, 10-stage prosumer automated reloading machine based on the operating mechanics of our commercial Revolution ® machine, in fact, it's the same core unit with a few notable differences including:

  • This is a system containing everything you need to have an automated, 10 station rotary reloading press - includes the press, automatic drive mechanism, swage sensor, case feeder and Mr. Bullet Feeder
  • WiFi capable - we're cutting the cord - more on that later...
  • If you are upgrading your Evolution™, convert to an Evolution™ PRO by removing the handle, mounting your Evolution™ on the Evolution™ PRO base, attach the drive sprocket and belt - that's it!  You an keep the handle to run the press manually (put the motor in neutral)
  • If you do not have an Evolution™ press, you can use our package builder to outfit your Evolution™ PRO exactly as you like (package builder here)
  • Driven by our new noise-filtered high definition tablet that's loaded with the exclusive Evolution™ PRO software
  • Up-to speeds of 2,500 rounds per hour 
  • Supports all our updated digital sensors - add each one, or add them all for the greatest reliability, up-time, and safety possible in all of the Mark 7® systems.


  • Ships in two packages:
    • 26 x 16 x 32, 45 Lbs.
    • 21x16x11, 60 Lbs.


  • The Evolution™ PRO can easily be upgraded with the following options at any point:

Included with the Machine

  • The Mark 7® Evolution™ reloading press
  • The Mark 7® Evolution™ PRO Upgrade - all new digital drive mechanism
  • The Evolution™ Mr Bulletfeeder™ automatic bullet feeder system
  • Casefeeder
  • This product does not include dies which can be ordered separately (see below).  Evolution™ PRO orders that have a die set ordered separately will be installed on the machine at the factory 
* May be pictured with optional equipment