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Machine conversions are a great way to maximize your investment.  But it can be complicated to figure out what you need to get as there are so many variables.  Here we try to make this as simple as possible.  The Mark 7 Evolution® machine conversion kits contain the following: 

  • Caliber Conversions Include: shell plate (all models), case feed adapter, case feed ram, case drop tube, powder funnel and upper swage rod
  • Case Feeder Conversions Include: case feeder plate and spring tube assembly
  • Primer Conversions Include: Primer inner tube, prime insert, primer slide and punch
  • MBF Conversions Include: dropper tube, powder funnel (not used usually on the Evolution® loading presses as the machines use their own funnels), bullet feeder collator plate, spring (select models)

NOTE: A complete turnkey conversion system would include a spare powder measure and a spare bullet feeder installed on a spare tool head with dies so that you have complete tool heads ready to be installed at any time.  Alternately you will be moving over the powder measure, dies and bullet feeder over each time you change calibers.

We know how difficult it can be to figure out what you need to convert a machine over - so we've made it easy for you - just 2 clicks !

1. Just select which machine caliber you have
2. Just select which machine caliber you would like
3. The system does the rest of the work showing you the components you need, adding the totals and putting them into your shopping cart