Evolution™ BulletSense® Bullet Sensor

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Bullets are placed on top of your case through the Mr BulletFeeder® bullet feeder dropper.  Then the shell plate indexes.  If your case is not flared or belled properly your bullet may fall off, go sideways or otherwise not be properly aligned for bullet seating. 

BulletSense® is the first electronic detection system that can stop your machine before any of the situations above impact your loading process -- and it also acts as a brass sensor.

We've created a laser mounted system on a user-adjustable slider that allows you to point the laser right where you want it - at the tip of the bullet or directly on the brass.  If the laser beam is interrupted every time your machine makes a stroke, the machine continues ( i.e. if a bullet head or brass is present).  If the laser is bounced back from the mirror and the circuit completes, the machine stops at the top of the stroke and shows your a message on your tablet.  You determine the height of the laser, you are now more in control of the operation of your machine.  The user-adjustable slider is operated through a traditional thumb screw.

Feature highlights

  • ·      Constructed from anodized aluminum - Mark 7® Reloading Red
  • ·      Precision laser with easy adjustments for different grain bullets and calibers ** Important to note that the precision of a laser is unmatched in this use -- it can even determine the difference between an upside-down bullet form a hollow point bullet !
  • ·      Can stop the machine if no bullet present, upside down bullet, sideways bullet, no brass present and alerts you through the tablet
  • ·      Supports all Revolution® calibers
  • ·      On-the-fly enable/disable through the tablet

This unit installs in moments with the included hardware - no modifications to your machine necessary.  A must-have for people that want full protection from running out of bullets which can ruin your whole reloading session.  Covered under the Mark 7® exclusive no BS warranty.  Completely COMPATIBLE with PowderSense® and other Mark 7® genuine accessories.