650 XL Trade-In for 1050 PRO Package

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Mark 7® will credit you $675 towards a new purchase of a Mark 7® 1050 PRO Autodrive seen here @ https://www.markvii-loading.com/Mark-7-1050-PRO-Autodrive_p_27.html

This is a simple program, subject to just a few terms and conditions:

·     Order placement and Autodrive shipment will be within the same 30 day period, multiple units are allowed

·     May not be combined with other offers

·     All transactions are subject to approval and review of your trade-in

o  We understand that your 650 XL has been used – we look for a good working order unit with case feeder and dies

Here is all that you need to do:

1.    Place your order for the Mark 7® 1050 PRO Autodrive here:  https://www.markvii-loading.com/Mark-7-1050-PRO-Autodrive_p_27.html

a.    Note on your order in the comments section that you are using the 650 Trade-in program

2.    Mail your 650 XL to us at this address:

Mark 7 Reloading

Attn. 650 Trade-In Order #_______

11750 Metro Parkway, Unit A

Ft Myers, FL 33966

3.    Upon receipt, inspection, and approval of your press Mark 7 will credit you $675 toward against your order – that's it !