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Revolution Brass Processor

Revolution Brass Processor
Revolution Brass Processor






The Mark 7® Revolution® Brass Processor

It’s here – The Mark 7® Revolution® Brass Processor – all that you want, nothing that you don’t need.  This 3,500 RPH machine will run your pistol brass at high speeds all day long and your rifle brass running at least 2,000 RPH.*  This machine is based upon the popular Revolution® Loading press.One thing you will notice looking closely at the pictures of this machine is the auxiliary stabilizer guide rod on the front of the press.  This included with your brass processor which acts to provide additional stabilization to the toolhead under extreme uses.  Does it NEED to be there ?  No.  But we prefer to go over the top as much as we reasonably can.  Bronze bushings for all major joints in the machine ?  Check.  High quality ?  Check.  SwageSense® included ?  Check.

This brass processor has the same CnC design as the Revolution® Loading Press -- machined to tight tolerances and the same quality and workmanship.  It does not include the priming system or the Revolution® Programmable Powder Measure.  Some minor modifications have been made to the machine to ensure successful operation without these components.  The good news – if you decide you would like to take advantage of the very popular loading capabilities of the Revolution® you can simply purchase these components and turn your brass processor into a processor AND loading press !

Digital Clutch

One of the hallmark aspects of a Mark 7® press is the digital clutch.  No, you don’t need a sensor for stepped brass detection – our digital clutch does that.  It’s a true governor – one that is watching the movements of your press and can act to stop the press when it needs to stop.  This is done through a combination of software controls as well as hardware – something you wont find on any other press in the world.  Its adjustable on-the-fly from 0 (no clutch) to 20 (strongest level).  Most operations run a clutch level from 1-4 – that’s how powerful the machine is.

Firmware Software

One of the exciting things about this product is how the trimmer interacts with brass at higher speed.  We have a custom profile installed on this machine that helps ensure smooth operation.  Proper speeds and slowdowns at critical parts of the trimming operation are ensured through this approach.

Each machine is assembled in our Florida, USA facility.  Assembly is a painstakingly thorough process with multiple quality checks along the assembly line.  Assembly technicians sign-off on their work as the machine is being assembled and the machine is checked by our manufacturing engineer who passes it to testing.  Then the testing begins which involves over 25 checks from brass flow through the machine all the way to overall machine operation.

This product comes with our NEW metal, high definition 10” tablet. The machine includes a high capacity, commercial case feeder that holds 2,000 9 mm cases.  The machine arrives in a box on a pallet with the press core fully assembled.  Dies are available to be pre-installed in your machine. 


* Brass processing unit

* Commercial case feeder 

* RPH – Rounds per Hour.  Basic assumptions around brass quality apply – reasonable once-fired quality.  Image shown contains optional equipment

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Additional Information

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