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The Mark 7® Revolution

The Mark 7® Revolution
The Mark 7® Revolution The Mark 7® Revolution The Mark 7® Revolution The Mark 7® Revolution
The Mark 7® Revolution




*Price point listed above includes 14" Case Feeder, Automated Priming, Digital Powder Measure, and Mr. Bullet Feeder Pro. Additional options are listed in the dropdown selections below.

Waiting for an affordable commercial loading machine with enough power and speed to achieve your business goals? It's here! Based upon Mark 7's proven digital drive mechanism technology the The Mark 7® Revolution™ is a machine unlike any other in the market -- a completely integrated, new loading press of our own design that is powered digitally and automatically
Differentiating Features:

• Ultra smooth and precise, gear-based machine movement and shell plate indexing
• 3,500 rounds per hour
• Compatible with Mark 7® Sensors & accessories 
• System works on new AND re-manufactured brass
• Hard anodized and hard nickel plated components
• New to the market onboard primer collator for continuous feed operation!
• Integrated motorized powder measure that can be programmed for specific loads - accuracy is +/- .05 grains @ 12.2 grains (subject to testing conditions)
• Integration of the sensors that has made Mark 7® Reloading™famous (see below)
• 10 station toolhead utilizing off-the-shelf reloading dies
• Microprocessor monitored and controlled
• Features monitored by included computer
•. Downloadable machine firmware and software upgrades for life
• Supports a variety of accessories including today's off-the-shelf reloading dies
• Core Machine is shipped pre-assembled, Case Feeder, Bullet Feeder, Powder Measure, Press Accessories and Digital sensors require installation.
• CNC grade planetary gearbox
• Full 1 year warranty


Freight Shipping Disclaimer: Large items (over 150 lbs) can only ship via freight truck less lift gate service. Please contact sales if you are having the Revolution delivered to a residential address. If you require lift-gate service because you do not have a fork lift please request a quote prior to delivery. Expedited freight shipping is not available.




Revolution Dimensions:

Unit is quite compact compared to our existing Autodrives/press set-ups on the market 
Measurements: Width = 28", Depth = 15", Max Overall Height = 46"
Supports calibers including .380 up-to and including .308 with initial support for 9 mm, .38, .40, .45, .223 .300 AAC
Of course when you get your shiny new Revolution® you will be able to join the Mark 7® Digital Community where you will have access to a vast array of articles, helpful hints, other users, manuals and more !

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Well thought out
Background: I own two (2) Revolutions® (9MM/small primer config & .45ACP/large primer config). I am a "Batch One" customer who has been with Jay since the early days of Mark 7 Reloading®. I can recall our initial conversation and I really liked what I heard. The design concept (and operation) fit my criteria perfectly. I wanted my "Production Presses" to operate exactly as Jay was intending the Revolution to operate. I'm more at home with Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) reloading and wanted to keep the feel of the "hand loader" with my production side. Mark 7 delivered!

Mark 7 Professional Services: Last week, I was able to free up some time to visit sunny Fort Meyers, FL and attend training with the Mark 7 Reloading® staff. I arranged the training through Misty (she's amazing!) and found myself at Mark 7' Reloading®'s doorstep ready to meet the team and get busy with training. I was greeted by Chris (Operations Manager) and we took a tour of the facility (as this was my first visit). Chris introduced me to the staff and escorted me to the training room to meet with Hunter. I was immediately interacting with Hunter and I felt like I've known him for years. After a quick "back-n-forth" with Hunter, we elected to tailor my training to be more specific (based on our conversation and my experience level) which was great. I was interested in press maintenance, caliber conversion process, press adjustments and optional sensor installation (setup). We skipped press set up, overall operation and die set up as I felt 100% comfortable with those aspects.

Maintenance: Hunter went over all the grease points and oil/lubrication points in great detail with me. Actually, he had me do the work under his watchful eye. Going "hands on" is crucial (for me) and I really appreciated Hunter letting me take the wheel. During this module, Jay stopped by to say hello and to make sure everything was going smoothly. This should let you know how awesome Jay an owner and friend. Hunter and I continued with more tips to keep my presses working without issue. After reading the User Forum threads, I can say this for certain, most users could benefit greatly from just this portion of training. (approx. 1.5hrs)

Caliber Conversion Process: I wanted to learn the process of going from caliber to caliber (within primer size) and any tweaks related to this process. Hunter took me step by step through the process, we worked together to accomplish this task and he shared his tips on getting everything "just right". Naturally, this topic lead us into getting the most out of my Revolution®(s) and learning what to look for to keep the press running perfectly. From Indexing to Settings to Rounds Per Hour (RPH) adjustments, we had my 9MM press running flawlessly. Trust me, the Revolution® can do exactly what you want it to do. (approx. 1hr)

(Optional) Sensor Installation: I am interested in installing BulletSense® on each of my presses. Hunter took me through the steps to install a BulletSense® onto a Revolution® press. He shared (with me) the small details to get it working perfectly. I have no doubts about installing this sensor on my own using my components. (approx. .50hrs)

Post Training: I was able to get together with Jay and Misty to go over my current order, using the new website and some friendly conversation. I can't say this enough, the staff at Mark 7 Reloading® is top notch. They are professional, friendly and get things done!

Takeaway: If you have questions regarding your Revolution® (or Evo), I would not hesitate in scheduling a trip to Mark 7 Reloading® HQ and take advantage of their Professional Services. I left Florida with all the tools needed to operate my presses effectively and efficiently. It's worth your time!
Review by WA / (Posted on 4/8/2019)

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