Upgrade Your 650 to a 1050

650 XL Upgrade Program

Have a Dillon 650 XL press ? Looking to get into the 1050 loading series with automatic reloading ? We have the solution for you !

Here are the Program Details…
  1. Mark 7® Reloading will provide will provide a $600 credit against the purchase of a 1050 X or 1050 PRO Autodrive package which includes the Mark 7® Reloading 1050 X or 1050 PRO Autodrive as well as the Dillon Super 1050 loading press
  2. To initiate the program just fill out the form below
  3. Then ship your machine to Mark 7® Reloading at the address indicated
  4. Within 72 hours of receipt of your equipment Mark 7® will contact you at the phone number you submitted to confirm your order and process the transaction (subject to the terms and conditions below)
  5. Your Mark 7® Reloading 1050 X or PRO Autodrive and Dillon Super 1050 Press will show up in the mail
  6. And you are off to the races with Mark 7® Reloading providing the warranty support for your entire set-up !
Simply fill out the form below, follow the instructions beneath this and you will be well on your way !
Terms and Conditions:
  • Your 650 XL needs to arrive in the following condition:
    • Good workable order
    • Contain all the spare parts you have including the dies that were shipped with the machine
    • Must contain the small and large primer components that arrived with your machine as well as the case feeder
    • Instruction manual, if available
  • This offer is not combinable with any other offer or feature on the Web site and is only available in the continental United States
  • Mark 7® Reloading is not responsible to damage that occurs in shipping of your machine TO Mark 7® Reloading – we suggest that you insure your package
  • This offer is only for a $600 store credit to be used against a 1050 X or 1050 PRO package offered by Mark 7® Reloading on our Web site.
  • Offer is subject to Mark 7® Reloading’s review of the condition of your 650 XL reloading press
  • This offer in no way binds Mark 7® Reloading for providing the credit as indicated. All approvals are conditional upon review of the equipment submitted to Mark 7® and other factors. Mark 7® reserves the right to return the equipment to customer upon subsequent review for any reason or for no reason at all

Upgrade Form